The Winfield Adjustable Landing Leg Foot is inserted into the end of one of your fifth wheel  landing legs, to allow you to make minor adjustments to the length of the landing leg by merely spinning the foot pad, eliminating the need for spacer blocks. The adjustable landing leg insert is constructed of durable galvanized cast steel. The adjustable landing leg foot is designed to work with the Winfield Cross Brace Stabilizer. With the adjustable foot you will have no more difficulty with uneven ground and no more need to carry spacer blocks.

Ease of use: Level the fifth wheel or trailer from right to left as usual, utilizing blocks. Drop and pin the landing leg without the adjustable foot . Extend the landing leg with the jack motor until it is firmly on the ground. Drop and pin the landing leg with the adjustable foot. Adjust the length of the landing leg by merely rotating the foot pad until it is in firm contact with the ground. Now extend both landing legs with the jack motor. Your Fifth wheel will remain level right to left.

Price: The Adjustable landing Leg foot  is a great value at a suggested retail price of only $25. Order online to receive FREE shipping to the Continental US.

Adjustable Fifth Wheel

Landing Leg Extension

Permanent Installation:  The adjustable landing leg foot is permanantly installed on your fifth wheel landing leg in minutes, utilizing your existing foot pad and the provided hardware. Installation requires just a few basic hand tools and does not require drilling or RV Modification

NOTE: For fifth wheel s with short low profile landing legs, the adjustable foot insert will prevent your landing legs from retraction 1 1/4 inches.